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Jinshan District issued the "Golden 10 Articles" policy to comprehensively improve the energy level of the financial support entity economy


Jinshan District officially issued a series of important measures on financial support for the development of the real economy, forming a “Several Opinions on Promoting the Development of Financial Services Real Economy in Jinshan District (Trial)” to further enhance the energy level of the financial support entity economy.

On October 18th, in order to welcome the first China International Import Expo in Shanghai, the “2018 Jinshan•Production and Convergence Forum” was held in the Hangzhou Bay. The forum was co-sponsored by the Shanghai Financial Services Office and the Jinshan District People's Government of Shanghai. The leaders of relevant government departments, well-known experts and scholars in the financial field, and senior practitioners in the financial industry were invited to discuss through keynote speeches, keynote speeches, dialogues and other forms. Financial assistance in the development of Jinshan area provides advice and suggestions for regional financial innovation and development.
On the day of the forum, Jinshan District officially issued a series of important measures on financial support for the development of the real economy, forming a “Several Opinions on Promoting the Development of Financial Services Real Economy in Jinshan District (Trial)” to further enhance the energy level of the financial support entity economy. The opinions mainly cover 10 policy contents, including encouraging enterprises to reform and list (listing), setting up government guidance funds, guiding financial services to small and micro enterprises, guiding financial support for science and technology enterprises, promoting rural financial development, promoting the development of Huimin finance, and encouraging new establishments. Financial institutions, the establishment of financial institutions reward system, attracting financial talents to gather and purify the financial development environment, referred to as "golden 10". The implementation of the “Golden 10 Articles” will create a better ecological environment for the deep integration of Jinshan Industry and Finance, further stimulate new financial vitality, promote new financial achievements, and open a new financial atmosphere.

"The combination of industry and finance is wisdom, and there is much room for it." Hu Weiguo, the head of Jinshan District, said that the industry should give full play to the credit support of core enterprises to related enterprises. The financial industry should study the application scenarios of specific industries and the combination innovation of financial products. The government should actively guide the market forces and jointly push the integration of industry and finance to a new height. In order to further deepen cooperation, promote the experience of integration of industry and finance, and continue to explore financial innovation, the Jinshan District People's Government reached a further cooperation intention with the Shanghai Stock Exchange, Shanghai Science and Technology Venture Capital (Group) Co., Ltd. and 11 financial institutions. The forum signed a strategic cooperation agreement. The Jinshan District Innovation and Entrepreneurship Guidance Fund also signed a cooperation intention agreement with five venture capital management institutions.

According to reports, in recent years, Jinshan actively docked the construction of Shanghai Science and Technology Center, fully implemented the development strategy of “both industries and the two regions, and built a strong region”, and accelerated the construction of strategic emerging industries as the guide, the adjustment and upgrading of traditional manufacturing industries, and production. The new industrialization system, which is vigorously developed by the service industry, strives to create a demonstration zone for economic transformation and development driven by science and technology. In 2017, the total production value of Jinshan District (in the land) is nearly 100 billion yuan, among which the high-end intelligent equipment, the new generation of information technology, life health, and new materials have realized an output value of 79.3 billion yuan.

At the same time, Jinshan's financial industry has also made great progress. The growth rate of major financial indicators is higher than that of the GDP of the same period, and the multi-level capital market is developing steadily. In particular, various financial institutions have introduced a number of financial products and financial services that are closely integrated with Jinshan, and have contributed to the economic and social development of Jinshan.
In terms of sound multi-level capital, by the end of 2017, Jinshan District listed companies and listed companies in the New Third Board and the stock market have reached 106, and the total equity financing reached 2.32 billion yuan. The policy fund “Entrepreneurial Jinshan Guidance Fund”, which operates in a market-oriented manner, has successfully completed the equity investment of five sub-funds, two parent funds and one direct investment project, with a total introduction of 1.64 billion yuan.
In terms of vigorously developing science and technology finance, the financial technology investment in Jinshan District, the number and scale of technology venture capital institutions, and the scale of science and technology loans of financial institutions continued to expand. As the pilot of the Jinshan Park Technology Financing Service Platform of Zhangjiang National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone, the “Shanghai Jinshan Technology Financial Service Station” has more than 500 corporate members and more than 300 service enterprises. The annual financing needs of enterprises are nearly 200 million yuan. Efforts are being made to create a comprehensive entrepreneurial incubation base integrating entrepreneurship, incubation, investment, technology finance, and technology intermediary services.

For example, a leading company that provides e-commerce one-stop solutions has experienced capital turnover difficulties under continuous explosive growth, and has filed an application for 5 million technology performance loans to Jinshan Science and Technology Financial Service Station. Jinshan Science and Technology Financial Service Station actively conducted on-the-spot investigation and audit, reviewed and approved the unsecured credit loan, and promptly helped the company to ease the difficulty of fund turnover on the promotion day, which created over 10 million sales on the same day.

For example, the Bank of Communications in Shanghai Jinshan Branch's behavioral area meets the qualifications of the Free Trade Zone Science and Technology Enterprise. The FT sub-accounting unit is designed to integrate foreign currency working capital loans, which not only solves the actual capital needs of enterprises, but also reduces the financing for enterprises to lock in the exchange rate. cost.
In terms of rural revitalization, the banking industry in Jinshan District has launched a series of “three rural” micro-financial products with the help of “inclusive finance” as the main line to jointly help the rural industry to flourish. For example, Shanghai Jinshan Huimin Village Bank launched a new product to solve the problem of farmers' professional cooperatives with less collateral and difficult loans, and the credit coverage rate of farmers' professional cooperatives in the region reached 88.6%; the introduction of simple and fast processing procedures for rural households And the retail program, only to 834 households in 2017 to issue loans; focus on supporting the industrial upgrading of science and technology-based agricultural enterprises, improve the vegetable basket project. Another example is that Shanghai Jinshan Anxin Agricultural Insurance Branch Co., Ltd. actively develops modern agricultural insurance, promotes and applies the “new rural direct reporting system”, builds a new agricultural business main credit information platform, and provides credit guarantees, personal, property and income for new agricultural business entities. Integrated security.
The relevant person in charge of Jinshan District said frankly that by 2020, the annual output value of the four industrial clusters and the annual operating income of the productive service industry will exceed the goal of 100 billion yuan; this is not only a staged sign of the development of emerging industries in Jinshan District, but also Jinshan struggles for self-requirement. The four major industrial clusters that Jinshan focuses on are all heavy-asset industries. From construction to operation to sales, there are a large number of financing needs to be met. In the key stage of industrial transformation and upgrading in the future, there is an urgent need to accelerate the guidance of multi-level capital markets. The transformation and upgrading of the industry requires the financial institutions to jointly solve the problem of financing difficulties and financing. It is necessary to allocate more financial resources to the key areas and weak links of Jinshan's economic and social development.

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