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Leaders of Suifenhe City of Heilongjiang Province and Harbin Chamber of Commerce visited JSW


On the morning of October 25th, the leaders of Suifenhe City of Heilongjiang Province and the Harbin Chamber of Commerce visited JSW. Wei Xing, director of the Jinshiwan Science and Technology Park Administrative Committee Office, accompanied the whole process.

At the symposium, some representatives of the park enterprises - Ju Aiwei, vice chairman of Lu Trade Group, Li Qing, vice president of the company, and Gang Gang, vice president of China-Italy Construction Investment Chain Co., Ltd., combined with the company's operation on advanced e-commerce management The operation model published its own opinions, and the two sides conducted a very detailed and in-depth discussion. Wang Lei, deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee of Suifenhe, expressed gratitude to Jinshiwan for its warm and thoughtful arrangement and hoped that the two sides could maintain long-term interaction and exchanges and jointly promote the regional economic development of the two places.

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