JSW Innopark is located in the office area of the JSW Park Management Committee. As one of the most important innovation and entrepreneurial gathering places in Jinshan District, JSW Innopark is supported by the municipal, district and town governments' support policies for science and technology innovation and entrepreneurship, combined with JSW's comprehensive intellectual resources in service, technology and manpower. Advantages, focusing on attracting entrepreneurial and innovative enterprises to settle down. Through the construction of the “one center and five platforms” service system and the “Golden September and Silver 10” policy system, the company aims to help enterprises enhance their technological innovation capabilities and promote regional economic transformation and development. Jinshiwan Science and Technology Center as a demonstration base of Jinshan District's independent innovation, production, study and research, college teachers and students entrepreneurship and strategic emerging industries, has become an important component of the development of "entrepreneurial JSW".

JINSHIWAN Technology Innovation World

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