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Basic process of registering company in 2018
  • Prepare relevant informationBefore you plan to register a company, you can go to the relevant industry and commerce department to consult, what information needs to be prepared, prepare the relevant materials in advance, and need to provide a copy of the copy in advance, saving the registration time due to lack of information during the process.
  • Business name verification
    Registration of a new company must first have the name of the company, but not the name of the company you want can be audited and approved, so the general applicant needs to provide five or less company names to the industrial and commercial departments for verification, and then can be used.
  • Provide relevant information
    After the verification of the enterprise name is passed, you can package the information that has been prepared in advance and requested by the industrial and commercial department and hand it over to the industrial and commercial department, mainly including the company's articles of association, legal person and shareholder ID card, etc. Need to be reviewed.
  • Apply for a business license
    After the company name is verified and the information provided is approved, the process of applying for the business license can be started. The application for the business license is to fill in the relevant form, and at the same time, the notice of verification, the company's articles of association, relevant contracts, etc. Wait until the industry and commerce department conducts another review.
  • Receiving business license
    If the application for business license is approved, we can go to the industrial and commercial department to get the original copy of the new version of business license in 2018. Now the business license is a combination of five certificates (industrial and commercial business license, national tax certificate, local tax certificate, enterprise organization code certificate, social unified code certificate).
  • Engraving, opening a basic account
    After receiving the business license, the company can bring relevant documents and materials, go to the public security record, engrave the official seal and the bank seal, and then you can go to the bank to open the company's basic bank account, register here. The procedures for the new company are basically complete.
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